It is a tremendous honor for EY to be participating in FutureHealth, a conference that focuses on addressing patient needs and changing ecosystems. Please make sure to visit the EY booth, where you can grab a healthy shot and immerse yourself in a productive atmosphere filled with new ideas, innovative solutions, and genuine added value.

This year’s FutureHealth conference, which will feature the slogan Redesigning Healthcare. Me, Myself and Algorithms, will serve as a venue to reassess the healthcare system at a highly practical level and to ensure the industry’s robustness and ability to tackle future challenges. The more-than 350 expected conference participants consist mainly of senior executives but also include a number of start‑up entrepreneurs.

EY has been invited to join the conference’s discussion in the role of a knowledge partner, and three EY leaders will be allotted time to share their insight.

Wellness reimagined: Unlocking the power of data to personalize care

Pamela Spence, Global Health Sciences and Wellness Industry Leader at EY, will host the deep-dive session entitled Wellness reimagined: unlocking the power of data to personalize care.

The healthcare industry continues to undergo transformations of seismic proportions, which is largely driven by data and innovative technologies like 5G, ingestible sensors, and sophisticated wearables. This new ecosystem is undoubtedly an ideal place to reimagine health and wellness. In light of this, the conversation can no longer simply be about providing care, but rather must also focus on staying healthy. In the shifting focus from health to wellness, healthcare providers are tasked with delivering care that is predictive, preventative, and curative in a way that meets the discerning requirements of today’s resourceful, tech-savvy, and mobile-empowered healthcare consumers.

Elena Bonfiglioli (Microsoft Health) and Paul Drayson (Sensyne Health) have also been invited to join the panel. Together with Pamela Spence, they will explore how leading companies are reimagining wellness by combining consumer-generated and clinical data to make healthcare more personalized as well as more predictive.

CNNMoney Switzerland interviews Pamela Spence, Global Health Sciences and Wellness Industry Leader EY.

How can we make better decisions?

Olaf Zweig, Life Sciences Strategist at EY Parthenon, will partake in the plenary panel discussion focusing on the question, How can we make better decisions? As healthy living is possible only if we are genuinely willing to make permanent changes to our habits, it is worth investigating the most effective ways in which patients can be encouraged to make better decisions when it comes to their health.

Additionally, practical toolboxes will be presented which leverage digital technology by applying behavioral economics principles with the aim of supporting patients’ efforts to pursue healthier lifestyles. Keynote speaker David Asch will explore the topic of predicting the irrationalities of human rationale for the purpose of fostering better health.

Olaf Zweig will discuss the potential applications of these principles in the industry alongside the possibilities and limitations of behavioral economics.

Challenges in connection with establishing an electronic healthcare economy in Switzerland

Peter Horn, focusing on Medical Strategy and Digital Health at EY, will participate in a session hosted by the Basel Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The panel will explore the challenges presented by future digital healthcare solutions in Switzerland. On this issue, the EY Healthcare Team will showcase its expertise in the field and illustrate using case studies the correct way forward in overhauling the healthcare system. In addition, EY will share its viewpoints on the potential offered by and the implications surrounding digital health solutions for patients, industry, and society. Furthermore, in examining the applicable legal, ethical, technological, and political framework, the panel will also highlight the hurdles, requirements, and potential solutions pertaining to the facilitation of an electronic healthcare market.