How to withstand, respond and recover your business through the COVID-19 crisis. Financial institutions and other sectors face an evolving set of challenges to their operations from the pandemic.

The spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus could impact more than five million businesses worldwide and the most severely affected countries represent nearly 40 percent of the global economy. 1, 2

  • 79% Board members state that their organizations are not very well prepared to deal with a crisis event. 3
  • 94% of the fortune 1000 are seeing corona virus supply chain disruptions. 4
  • Fear of the consequences of the global corona virus epidemic has caused the international stock markets to experience the worst week since the 2008 financial crisis. 5

Companies have to execute now and prepare for the “next” and “beyond” as a result of COVID-19 challenges.

  • Now: Solve the now – Manage the immediate resilience challenges faced by the firm.
  • Next: Manage this year – Analyze the evolving scenario and design the risk and resilience response strategy.
  • Beyond the current crisis – The post pandemic environment gives firms an opportunity to define a ‘new normal’.

EY Quick check „Corona“ can provide transparency on potential business risks and give clear recommendations for action:


Download the EY Flyer “Operational resilience response to COVID-19” if you are interested in an overview on common challenges faced by firms regarding operational resilience and Regulatory expectations.

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