To stay on the edge of time in corporate finance, profound data, insights in peripheral economic developments and hence clarity on the markets are crucial. Be it economic turbulences or tranquilities, we deem a monitoring of the developments of the most recent market data to be decisive to understand their impact on the key parameters used in corporate valuations.

The quarterly Market Essentials Switzerland publications pin down the latest movements and sentiments of the capital markets and cover market multiples and cost of capital components per industry for the SPI companies. The industry cluster comprises of:

  • Retail and consumer products
  • Energy and utilities
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial goods and services
  • Media, technology and telecommunication
  • Chemicals, construction and materials

Feel the pulse of the markets: in expanding economies that are reflected through GDP Growth, in uncertainties in the markets that are mirrored in Credit Spread charts or in the dynamics of M&A transactions, which are shown through Transaction Multiples. To receive quarterly updates on the market dynamics, consider subscribing to our Valuation Market Essentials Switzerland Newsletter under the following link.

Financial Market Data fully unfold their usefulness in corporate valuations and related fields such as modeling. A high data quality assures appropriate portraits of the real world on the financial analyses of companies. Classical Cost of Capital calculations request a variety of financial market inputs such as risk-free rates or credit spreads of different geographic locations. To understand the bigger picture of business plans and assess their appropriateness regarding future developments, GDP predictions provide in-depth guidance. Our Valuation, Modeling & Economics Team is here to support you with Liquidity Planning, Portfolio Analysis, Scenario Planning and other services to enable you navigating through any economic situation.

To gain deeper insights in the historical market developments and learn how the key parameters of corporate valuations have evolved over time, read other Valuation Market Essentials articles and explore our previous quarterly publications below.