Help us draw a picture of the status quo and anticipated implications for companies in Switzerland – and benefit from EY’s insights and guidance.

The survey is available in DE, FR and EN and should take you roughly 10 minutes to complete.

On 29 November 2020, the Swiss electorate rejected the Responsible Business Initiative. As a result, the indirect counterproposal (referred to, for ease, as the “RBI”) will enter into force, triggering new non-financial reporting and due diligence requirements.


We’re observing considerable interest in the RBI topic, and are engaged in discussion and dialog with various stakeholders. With the new regulations comes a need for action – now is the time for companies to assess their exposure and prepare for transparent reporting and effective risk management. At the same time, there are various unanswered questions regarding the implementation of the counterproposal.

That’s why we’re inviting companies to take part in our specially created RBI Market Pulse Survey. Collectively, the responses will help us draw a picture of the status quo and anticipated implications of the new requirements. Once completed, EY will process the survey data, structure results and share insights and guidance with all participants.

When can I get the results?

Thank you for your support in completing this survey. Please contact us if you require further guidance tailored to your specific needs or want to get the results.

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