Healthcare is not yet fully embracing the potential of AI. The entire healthcare ecosystem stands to benefit from AI and other emerging technologies – but should learn to collaborate first and needs to adopt a tech mindset.

Like many other industries, healthcare has been keen to explore the promise of artificial intelligence to capitalize on data and boost quality. Despite operating in an inherently innovative environment, though, many healthcare players are struggling to shake off old processes and structures to truly embrace emerging technologies. While the need to invest upfront in new infrastructure, tools and approaches can seem daunting when margins are already squeezed, healthcare companies have little choice if they want to deliver on their pledge to make a difference.


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Watch the replay of the deep dive session we held at the FutureHealth Basel conference in April 2021. Here, we discussed the challenges and potential solutions how to accelerate AI in healthcare.

We have identified four key recommended actions for you:

  • Build an ecosystem based on partnerships that bring together life sciences expertise and AI know-how
  • Embrace a data mindset, seeing IT as a driver rather than a cost center and integrating data collection to all sides of the business
  • Embed ethical aspects in AI design by safeguarding transparency, avoiding bias and ensuring accuracy and appropriateness in an individual context
  • Establish strong processes to ensure data confidence, and reinforce trust through third-party assurance

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Watch 40 seconds on how healthcare can transform to become more data savvy.