As of July 8th, Switzerland and the EU mutually recognize their COVID certificates. This agreement will facilitate free movement within Europe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Switzerland has issued COVID certificates since June 7, 2021. The EU COVID certificate was officially launched on July 1st. Both solutions are often referred to as the “digital vaccination certificate” and work in a similar way. The Swiss and EU certificates contain a digitally signed QR code and are available as a PDF, in an app or in paper form. The certificates can be used by those who have been vaccinated, those who have recovered and those who have tested negative. The certificates are issued free of charge by hospitals, test centers or health authorities. The certificates, which are fully GDPR proof, contain a QR code with – depending on the case – the following data:

  • Vaccination: vaccine and manufacturer, number of doses administered, date of vaccination.
  • COVID test: type of test, date and time of the test, test center and result.
  • Recovery: date of positive test result, period of validity.

By this mutual recognition the Swiss/EU Digital COVID certificate will help facilitating safe travel within the EU and Switzerland during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Besides the EU and Switzerland, the Certificate is also valid in non-EU countries of the European Economic Area i.e. Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and The Vatican. All participating countries do not require additional tests or proof from travelers who present a valid certificate. Quarantine requirements are also no longer required under normal circumstances. However, the member states still have the possibility to decide independently on quarantine requirements and other travel restrictions if required according to the epidemiological situation. Therefore, it is highly recommended to check the destination country’s current entry regulations before departure.

Furthermore, member states are also free to decide which privileges they want to link to the certificate (i.e. admissions to events such as concerts or sporting events etc.).

The following website provides an initial overview of the measures in place in the individual EEA countries:
For Switzerland, it is recommended to consult the Interactive Travel Check Tool .

Currently the EU is also negotiating interoperability of the digital COVID Certificate with the United Kingdom, the USA, Russia and some other countries.