“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.” This 17th-century phrase by the well-known mathematician and physicist Isaac Newton can also be applied to many SAP system landscapes of global organizations. EY is often faced with clients operating large hybrid system landscapes with too many siloed applications and authorization management systems.

Over time, we have come to realize that walls do not solve conflicts and that siloes increase problems. We have also come to realize that decoupled system landscapes and business applications lead to additional work in support and system customizing. Decoupled system landscapes and business applications also make compliance with governance and regulations more challenging. Furthermore, in the age of digitalization, new business models and a cloud-first strategy, organizations face the challenge of managing cloud and on-premise system access as well as authorizations.

How can access, governance and identity management systems keep pace with this change?

In hybrid landscapes in particular, access and authorization systems are not consistently managed within organizations. However, access, governance and identity management systems have to be able to keep pace with the increased speed and complexity organizations.

EY has built the bridge, enabled by SAP IAG, for managing these services holistically, efficiently and compliantly for all applications company-wide regardless of their deployment model. SAP IAG is a cloud-based identity management and access control solution that provides smooth integration for:

  • Consistent user experience
  • Built-in compliance and reduced risk
  • Seamless support for growing business   
ey-switzerland-blog-example of authorization architecture for hybrid SAP landscapes
Figure 1: Example of authorization architecture for hybrid landscapes

How can organizations leverage EY’s experience to enhance access management in hybrid SAP system landscapes?

The EY risk transformation SAP competence center in Germany, Switzerland and Austria (GSA) has long-standing experience in the successful implementation of the SAP GRC Suite. We are a global SAP partner with more than 1,000 connected SAP GRC experts worldwide.

With EY’s expertise and SAP’s Identity Access Governance solution we can provide you with the necessary know-how to:

  • Develop leading access and identity management strategies and implement roadmaps supporting your growth ambitions in a hybrid IT landscape
  • Drive the design, development and implementation of SAP Identity and Access Management (IAM) frameworks for SAP hybrid system landscapes
  • Develop, implement and roll-out SAP role and authorization concepts
  • Mitigate and manage SOD risks across the entire system landscape including cloud-based systems

Furthermore, EY services enable organizations to manage digital identities across all applications and services together with SAP IAG. With a company-wide global identity system, you can create a unique user experience and secure the applications that drive the success of your business growth.