Although it is impossible to predict how the second wave will develop moving forward, one thing can be stated with certainty at this time. Public health must be afforded top priority and each and every one of us is tasked with making a great effort to further this cause. In light of the economic and social impact, the EY dialog platform seeks to empower people and organizations through virtual learning sessions, best practice advice, and other pertinent materials. All together we will manage to shape this new normal and emerge stronger from this crisis.

EY measures

Even where in‑person meetings are no longer a viable option, EY specialists are making a tremendous effort to remain in close contact with their people, their clients, and with the overall economy. We will be offering the following information over the upcoming days:

  • A series of webcasts and best practices
  • A priority assessment of COVID-19-related business challenges
  • Free first-aid instruction for small and midmarket Swiss enterprises

Please make sure to stay up to date by submitting the Your Voice Form or by following us at ey‑ #EYnewnormal news will also be posted on EY Switzerland’s Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

New Normal Magazine

In our digital magazine, we talk to selected thought leaders and decision makers about their insights on tackling the crisis, and, more importantly, on pathing the way to the new normal.

5 minutes for tomorrow

Are you prepared to master the impact of the pandemic? And are you on track for the carbon-neutral and sustainable future? Invest a few moments for timely insights – and get ready to act now.

Discover our webcasts

Knowledge is key to mastering the new normal: In our free webcast videos, EY specialists share their expertise on new normal related topics. You can also request the slide decks and FAQ lists or contact our specialists for individual advice. Thank you for applying our insights to your business.

EY Impulses

The better the question, the better the answer, the better the world works: Read our Impulses for a sharper view on the COVID-19 crisis.

Which path leads to the new normal?
Who is ready to enter the new normal?
How united is the European Union?
Does solidarity grow in emergency?

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Share your voice

Do you have business-related questions pertaining to the COVID-19 outbreak? Do you wish to join the #EYnewnormal movement and share your insights and best practice suggestions? Our experts would sincerely appreciate your feedback and are ready to help in any way they can.

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